Taiwan is known for its liberal values in Asia. Wednesday 24th May 2017, the top Taiwan court ruled for gay marriage and made the one of the most popular states in  Asia, the first place to legalize same-sex union. 14 judges made the ruling, and a majority of 10 was needed to get the law approved in the objective to contribute to social stability and protect human dignity. From now the government has two years to implement the ruling, but there is also a conservative group organizing mass rallies against any change of the law.

The court’s decision means Taiwan’s parliament will have to amend existing laws or pass new legislation. But it’s still unclear how far and when parliament will go. The LGBT community hopes they will only amend the existing marriage laws by including same-sex couple marriage. That would grant them the same right than the opposite sex couples about parenting, adoption, inheritance and medical emergencies but if the parliament passes a new law, the same-sex marriage will still be recognized but with only some benefits and not equal treatment in all matters. President Tsai’s Democratic Progressive Party, which holds a majority in parliament, backed the ruling and said: “The party is happy to see and affirm the results of the grand justices’ constitutional interpretation to guarantee and legalize same-sex marriage,” However, some campaigners fear opposing voices in parliament may try to delay the process of changing the law .»

Let’s hope the parliament will prioritize the bill instead of dragging it on for another two years and will opt for the right option.



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