If you live in Hanoi or visit the town in company of your bellowed pet then don’t worry anymore, now the Resort Chó Mèo Bảo Sinh is there.

Your little companion will be safe in the hands of Nguyen Bao Sinh, a 70-year-old ex-veteran of Vietnam War, poet, portrait painter and famous boxer. Indeed, despite all his skills, Sinh decided to devote his life to the well being of our four-legged friends. Proud owner of “Ao Phật – tề đồng vật ngã,” meaning, “Buddhist pond – human beings and animals are equal,” Sinh created a 3000 m2 of paradise for domestic pets, following Buddhist precepts in which he sincerely believes. As the name lets it guess, Sinh considers that animals and human beings have entitled the same rights; so cats and dogs can relax while their owner is away.





The resort is designed and decorated according to Buddhism precepts, and entirely supplied with high-end furniture and the latest equipment. Dedicated to offering the best care for our furry buddies, fashionable clothes, beauty care, and comfortable rooms with monitors are available for them to enjoy their time at the resort thoroughly.

But the highlight of this pet hotel is the cemetery Sinh devoted to our companions, once they have left this world. First built for his cherished deceased German Shepard Ami, the locals came to learn about the cemetery and Sinh had to extend it and granted them the possibility of burying their pets in there too.

With cheap prices, the pet sanctuary is affordable for the middle-class and is a great alternative for pet’s owners in need.

Info: Resort Chó Mèo Bảo Sinh



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