66000 Email and Facebook accounts, Gmail and Yahoo mail with millions of cookies of popular sites, including Paypal were stolen in Vietnam these last months. The cyber attack launched in May stayed uncovered just over a month after the WannaCry global program hit the Vietnamese internet users. This computer virus targeted Microsoft Windows disguised as an internet download manager extension on the Google Chrome browser. VCCorp expert ran the investigations and discovered that the cyber attack was not organized by one hacker, but by a group of professional. Hundred of other people as the employees of Vietcombank, VietinBank, BIDV, and OCB were not spared as they were keeping the details of their email accounts and others information on Google Chrome.


How to protect yourself against malware virus

Avoid clicking on suspicious looking email attachments and web links

Only install certified apps and extensions

Double-check the extensions installed on your browser and remove any suspicious-looking ones.

Erase often all saved passwords on your browser, and change them.



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