The main purpose of this plan is to allow customers to track every “checkpoint” the meat pieces has gone through, from the farm to slaughterhouse, retails and finally on the supermarket shelf. To achieve the above, each pig will have two identify rings permanently attached to its back legs. The laser engraving technology in Malaysia, with heat resistant, force resistant, and anti-tampering, manufactures these bracelets. The total cost to apply this traceability technology is very competitive and cost only 9,800 Dongs per pig, so do not worry about the price extension. Every piece of information will be digitized and place into the database and can be stored for 5-10 years. It will reduce the amount of paperwork and process time significantly. Consumers will be able to check the origin of the product at anytime, anywhere. In term of food safety management, all information will be automatically transferred to the authorities for easy inspection and control. This new practice does not only benefit to consumers but also an opportunity for farmers and companies to participate in branding and developing a sustainable business. With the participate of two big wholesale markets as Binh Dien and Hoc Mon, along with supermarket chain as Ben Thanh Market, Hoa Binh Market, Co.opmart and Big C, this App will be the new trend as consumers become stricter and stricter about meat’s hygiene and safety. This App is expected to be released this year coming.



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