As surprising as it may seem, one of the most important segments of piracy in Vietnam is the counterfeiting of book and E book. Illegal printing is not something new in Vietnam, the problem existed for many years and had never ceased, but before, it concerned more the counterfeiting of best sellers. Today school manuals and even English books are more and more copied. No official figures are available for the damage caused, but publishers estimate losses resulting from the contraband book market cost several billion of VND each year. These last months, according to The Vietnam Education Publishing House, 30,000 copies of English school manuals have been found in Hanoi, 3000 in Dalat, as well as numerous copies of the secondary level books in Da Nang, Khanh Hoa as well as the province of Hoa. The State has set up multiple inspection teams, but the problem seems to persist. One of the solutions could be the use of anti-counterfeit stamps, but it would appear that the anti-counterfeit stamps are also copied and that « copyists »  deploy tricks every day more sophisticated. The fine for book infringement costs about 30 million VND ( $ 1.300), and the falsifiers are willing to pay it and return to their illegal business who bring them back several billion of VND every year. The book copies are most of the time of a bad quality and include errors affecting readers, the reputation of local publishers and foreign partners. Unfortunately, as long as it will be difficult to find quickly newly published title, as long as low wages and the lack of awareness of copyright will persist, the problem of illegal printing in Vietnam will remain.



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