When we think about Japanese food, we think of Sushi, Ramen, and Miso soup but Curry also has a big place in the Japanese diet. The Japanese love to reinvent everything and the pink Curry who appeared in 2015/2016 has a great success today. Many tourist places do not hesitate to highlight their local products by creating curries based on their specialties such as the « Pink curry cherry blossom » when cherries trees are blooming or the Pink curry made on Beetroot coming from a Renaissance manor named Jinpukaku or the « Pink New Ginger Curry » a new vacuum packed item from Washita Corp which will be released this next 31 may.

The “Pink Kirei” (Kirei means beautiful in Japanese) or “Love curry ” because dedicated to women usually take his pink color from Tottori beetroots. Beetroot has high iron content which is useful for Anemia patients, also regulates bowel movements which are helpful for those who suffer from constipation and also has antioxidant properties for anti-aging purposes. Sounds healthy, eh? The pink curry still tastes like curry, but it can also be a little bit spicy in addition to being a little bit sweety from the beets and flowers. This curry is usually served with white rice, some  broccolis,  lotus roots and potatoes.



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