The Festival “Flower Street” on Nguyen Hue has always been a familiar attraction in Saigon during Lunar New Year. However, in the past years, a new “flowers street” has emerged along the Anh Sao Bridge in District 7 and became now a new must-visit place in Saigon during Tet Holidays.





Unlike the Flower Street on Street Nguyen Hue, the Flower Street in District 7 has its own charm with romantic landscapes, a lot of creativity and a unique theme every year. For 2017, the main theme will be “Spring of prosperity,” and the opening ceremony will take place the 21 January at The Crescent, with the participation of many famous singers as “Chau van” songs and dances rituals, recognized as “ invaluable cultural heritage by the UNESCO.

The Festival will recreate the scene of a prosperous and affluent Vietnamese village, and the “Spring Street” will be divided into three main zones: “Vuon Xuan,” “Ben Xuan” and “Gop Xuan.”

The “Vuon Xuan” zone will be composed of a spring garden representing the Vietnamese fruit trees but will also hold this year an amazing flowers field to make the place even more attractive.





The “Ben xuan” zone will be the water area representing the Vietnamese traditional floating market with boats full of flowers and agriculture products. The place is also dedicated to people who wish to get luck about fortune and health for the New Year. On top of that, nightly traditional music programs every night will be hold.

Finally, the “Gop Xuan” zone will be reserved for art exhibitions with many flowers composition organized by artisans and gardeners. Besides those main activities, the Festival will also provide hundreds of booths for shopping and eating. Beauty, fun, food, and shopping, what’s more, can you ask for?



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