Philip Morris International  one of the biggest tobacco company in the world  has announced the plan of ending the production of traditional cigarettes and present his brand new product: the IQOS, which will be released soon in the UK, after having success in several countries such as Japan, Italy, and Switzerland.

According to André Calantzopoulos, Chief executive of Philip Morris, IQOS is a real revolution in the tobacco industry. It is believed that the new product will be less harmful, will produce fewer toxins and significantly extends the “burning time” compared to traditional cigarettes.

Though it is a brand-new product, this is not a brand-new idea. We’re all familiar with some cigarettes substitute, as the E-cigarettes who allow users to “breath in” nicotine through a water vapour, releasing less smoke and fewer toxins. However, it does not provide the “feel” of traditional cigarettes, claimed to “stay the same” for the IQOS. The only default of IQOS is the “long and complicated lighting method”, which requires a cigarettes holder and a charge to help you to “light” the cigarette, and this one will cost about £45. Many smoker organizations in the UK doubt about this new “ cigarette free future ” At the end, Philip Morris is a tobacco company, and IQOS is just another form of cigarette…

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