Pham Na Tao, a young Vietnamese photographer, is making the buzz right now on the Vietnamese underground scene. When Pham Na Tao, a Saigon-based photographer, was 18 years old, he started to receive cruel jokes from everyone as his body was skinny. Rushing to find a way to become more « normal » he went to the gym and took weight gaining pills, and it worked, he started to gain more weight.

From 50 kilograms (110 pounds), he achieved to weight’ of 78kg for a height of 178cm (5.8ft). But on the way, he also lost control of his weight and went up quickly to 110kg (242 lbs). And soon again, he was exposed to hurtful words and was described as a pig. Being confronted to the two spectrums of body-shaming, the today 27-year-old photographer decided to turn his negative experience into a positive project and to publish a series of photos volontary pretty dark,  he named Thin/Fat, representing him and two nonprofessional models posing next to him or friends who had suffered a similar situation. His project does not intend to highlight what body type should be right or wrong, but to put in evidence words that people use about appearance.

“Either fat or thin, we are not gods who can transform ourselves into the ‘perfect body’ overnight. It takes time,” Tao explained. “But words and attitudes from others, they strike right away. The pain they cause is immediate and constant.”

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