21 May – Movie Night: Poetry – Yoko cafe

Director: Lee Chang-dong

Cast: Yoon Jeong-hee, Lee David, Kim Hee-ra as Mr. Kang

Genre: Drama

Release date: 21 May – 8.30 pm

Language: Korean with EN subs

Trailer: HERE

Synopsis: In a small town in Gyeonggi province crossed by the Han River, Mija lives with her grandson, who is a college student. She is an eccentric, inquisitive woman who likes to look good, wearing floral hats and brightly colored outfits. Chance leads him to take poetry lessons at the house of culture in his neighborhood and, for the first time in his life, to write a poem. She looks for beauty in her usual environment that she has not paid attention to until then. She has the impression of discovering for the first time the things she has always seen, and that stimulates her. However, there is an unexpected event that makes her realize that life is not as beautiful as she thought.





22 May –  Soma Screening // Revenge (2018) – Soma Art Cafe

Director: Coralie Fargeat

Cast: Matilda LutzKevin JanssensVincent Colombe

Genre: Action

Release date: 22 May – 8 pm

Language: English – Vietnamese

Trailer HERE

Synopsis :

Three wealthy quarantine married meet for their annual hunting party in a desert area of canyons. A way for them to evacuate their stress… But this time, one of them came with his young mistress, an ultra sexy lolita that quickly stirs up the lust of the other two … Things go wrong. In the hell of the desert, the young woman left to death comes back to life. And the hunting party turns into a pitiless manhunt …




23 May – Rock Documentary // The Last Waltz – Soma Art Cafe

Director: Martin Scorsese

Cast: Robbie RobertsonMuddy WatersNeil Young |See full cast & crew

Genre: Documentary

Release date: 23 May – 8 pm

Language: English

Trailer HERE

Synopsis: Rolling Stone magazine, in its list of the 40 best rock documentaries, rates The Last Waltz at number two, behind Bob Dylan and Don’t Look Back.
Filmed in 1976 and released in 1978, the film covers the final farewell concert of the Canadian-American band. A truly spectacular and mammoth event, the concert features a host of major guest stars, including Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton and Joni Mitchell.  Further, the film consists of interviews of band members by director Martin Scorsese, providing a rare insight into the history of a hugely loved and influential rock band. Before the screening, there will be a 15-minute intro by a local expat, and after the movie, there’s always discussion and commentary.





24 May – The Hive Screening: Tashi and the Monk – The Hive Saigon

Director: Johnny BurkeAndrew Hinton

Cast: Lobsang PhuntsokTashi DrolmaTenzin Drolma

Genre: Documentary

Release date: 24 May – 7.30 pm

Language: English

Trailer HERE

Synopsis: Formed by the Dalai Lama, the Buddhist monk Lobsang Phuntsok was abandoned by his young single mother. Collected by his grandparents, this turbulent and rebellious child was then sent to a monastery, where he discovered a different relationship to others.

Members of the Hive: 80K dong

Every ticket includes 1 Drink & 1 Snack

Public: 100K dong
(outside food is welcomed)





24 May – Thursday Outdoor Cinema // Game Night – Saigon Outcast

Director: Jonathan Goldstein (XII)John Francis Daley

Cast: Jason BatemanRachel McAdamsKyle Chandler

Genre: Comedie

Release date: 24 May – 8 pm

Language: English

Trailer HERE

Synopsis: To spice up their couple life, Max and Annie live up a game one night a week. This time they rely on Brooks, Max’s charismatic brother, to organize a great themed party around a thriller, with real fake thugs and federal agents. Brooks even planned to get kidnapped …. except that it can not be found. Trying to solve the riddle, the players start to understand that it’s not really a game. It could be the most delirious and dangerous game of their life.




27 May – CPĐA-Phim danh nhân #5 : Little Buddha – Salon Văn hóa Cà phê thứ Bảy

Director: Bernardo Bertolucci

Cast: Keanu ReevesRuocheng YingBridget Fonda

Genre: Drama

Release date: 27 May – 7 pm

Language: Vietnamese/English

Trailer HERE

Synopsis: Nine-year-old Jesse Conrad lives in Seattle with an engineer father, Dean, and a teacher mother, Lisa. One day, they receive a surprise visit from a delegation of Buddhist monks from the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan under the leadership of Lama Norbu and his deputy Champa. The monks believe that Jesse could be the reincarnation of one of their most eminent spiritual leaders.





27 May – Chiếu Phim Ngoài Trời: The Perks of being a Wallflower

Director: Stephen Chbosky

Cast: Logan LermanEmma WatsonEzra Miller

Genre: Comedy

Release date : 27 May / 6 pm

Language: Vietnamese/English

Trailer HERE

Synopsis: A lonely and dreamy teenager, Charlie waits anxiously for his entrance to high school. After a few weeks, he still has no friends and everyone, with the exception of his teacher of letters, discredits him. He does not dare to express his uneasiness to his parents…

Hừng Hoa Beer & Cinema

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Lầu 5, 11A Hòa Hưng, P.12, Q.10






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