Nuoc Sam is one of the most popular beverages in Saigon you can easily spot on almost any street downtown. Though “Sam” means Ginseng in English, there is no ginseng in this black color drink, but the herbal ingredients inside still make it a healthy, tonic tea and a fantastic treat for a hot summer day. The Nuoc Sam drink can contain more than 24 different herbs and plants, but you will never see all those 24 plants in the same glass of Nuoc Sam. The most common recipe includes Sugarcane, Corn silk, Grassroots and Nettle leaves. More plants can be added as Pandan leaves, dried Longan or fresh Lo Han Guo, who give to it a distinctive taste.

This combination is believed to have a “cooling effect” on the body and thanks to its natural herbs Nuoc Sam is also known as a medical drink that can reduce many health problems like heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure and constipation problems. The most exciting thing about this herb tea is that you can make it at home by yourself, and for an incredibly cheap price. All of the ingredients can be easily found on Hai Thuong Lan Ong Street in District 5- HCMC.

Still sitting here? Let’s go out, grab those ingredients and make a delicious glass of Nuoc Sam for the hot sunny days coming!

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