Since the first introduction, Tinder becames more and more popular and quickly gained the top position in online dating app. Though it helps some people find their soul mate, it raises a controversy about cheating opportunity as well. For those who worry about their husband or wife having some secrets on Tinder, there is almost no way to find out (except joining Tinder) or swiping until you catch them.






However, things have changed now. A new website called Swipebuster, just released recently, provides you a quicker and easier way to bust them. Charging $4.99 for three searches, you only need to type the person’s first name, age, and gender, and mark the position that she or he likely use to log in with Tinder. In a blink, the results including profile pictures, the last log on date and time, and if this person is looking for male or female contact, will be sent to your phone. It even provides you all the results from a particular area.

Swipebuster creator wants to stay anonymous but he said: “There is so much data about people that people themselves don’t know what is available”.  People don’t only publish and share information about themselves, but companies are also not doing enough to let people know what there are doing”

So Beware!


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