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Already famous worldwide for their sportswear shoes Nike is set to revolutionise the concept of the football boot later this month when it releases it’s new line of football boot – The Magista Obra.

Nike have spent 4 years developing technologies including All Conditions Control (ACC), FlyKnit and NikeSkin. These have been combined to create a boot that allows the player’s foot to get closer to the ball resulting in greater control and speed. The ‘Dynamic FitCollar’ fits over the ankle similarly to how a sock would securing the foot in place, providing greater comfort and allowing maximum flexibility. The boot which is offered in a variety of Nike’s vibrant colour ranges is also super stylish.



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At first glance the Dynamic Mid-cut Collar catches your eye. The Flyknit Collar runs from the ankle to just above the heel, it is adjoined to the base of the shoe by a thin layer of foam which hugs the sole of the foot. Flyknit is incorporated with a layer of NikeSkin on the top of the shoe, this creates the spider-web appearance of the upper part of the boot. Small sections of Flyknit run under the lace and the Dynamic Fit Collar, providing a stretch feel. The combination of the material will give both comfort and support to the extent that the player will not realise he is even wearing a shoe.



Pic by NikeWho are they designed for?

While the new look of the boot may not appeal to everyone, the technology most definitely will. These boots will without a doubt be the preferred choice of shoe for professional players. The boot is particularly suited to Playmakers and Centre-midfielders since it allows the player to get closer to the ball and provides extra cushioning useful for long passes. It allows quick and easy control and passing ability of the ball. As a player, once you have experience the revolutionary Magista Football boot you will not want to go back, the line is set for release Mid-September.

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