Dream by day – Pic Nguyen Dinh Dang



Nguyen Dinh Dang had his doctorate in Japan and worked ten years at the Research Institute Riken. But Dinh Dang was not only passionate about science, he was also a famous painter achieving many painting awards.

His art was exhibited in different countries as Vietnam, Russia, Italy and Japan. The most recent achievement of Nguyen Dinh Dang is “Outstanding Rising Artist” award at Sompo Japan Fine Art.



Mona Lisa Xu Humani – Pic Nguyen Dinh Dang

Born in 1958 in Hanoi in a high education family, Dang studied art and music since childhood. After a High school graduation, he was sent to study nuclear physics in Russia, obtained a doctorate in 1985 and became Doctor of science in 1990 at the University of Moscow. From 1994 he studied nuclear physics at the Institute for Physical – Chemical (RIKEN), Japan, became Member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association in 1987, and since 2005 a member of the Japan Fine Arts Association.



The joy of immagination – Pic by Nguyen Dinh Dang

 In the Opus 7 exhibition held in Tokyo, Nguyen Dinh Dang presented his collection of selective oil paintings reflecting the characteristic of both Eastern and Western culture. Piano lover, most of his paintings are influenced by music such as Bien thai, Loi ra, Cau thang mua thu, Piano Cam. Clair de Lune of Debussy or the Allegro Fuoco of Chopin directly inspired some of his musical works. Considered as a surrealist painter, he combines different iconic objects in a oneiric world.



THe holy matrix – Pic by Nguyen Dinh Dang

Therefore, on the opening day of the exhibition at Fazioli Art Gallery,  Nguyen Dinh Dang performed Chopin’s Nocturne on Fazioli F 308, the longest piano on the world market, while jazz – pianist Yanagi Shunichi played the theme music. Fazioli, the world most



Tiếng kèn thứ năm – Pic Nguyen Dinh Dang
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