Another 87 new animal species has been discovered in Vietnam in the total of 163 new species (plants and animals) in South-East Asia, making Vietnam become the center of attention of many worlds’ animal preservation organizations, according to the latest report from World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Besides Vietnam, WWF also found 22 new species in Laos, 22 in Cambodia and 11 in Myanmar.

The most significant discovery is the Murina Kontumensis, a new bat with thick hairy fur on its head and wings living in Tay Nguyen, Vietnam. Another species also draws a lot of attention: the Leptolalax Isos frog but his little amphibian (only 3 cm length) is on the edge of extinction because of agricultural expansion and hydropower projects in the region. With this discovery, the number of “special species” in the Greater Mekong has reached a significant number of 2,409.





The Mekong is one of the most attractive places in Vietnam. A real wonder to many animal protection groups due to his high bio-diversity and hundreds of species who are waiting to be discovered, shared Jimmy Borah, the director of Wild Life program of WWF in the Mekong region. However, these animals are facing an extremely dangerous threat from human activities such as intensive exploitation and animal trafficking. Scientists indicated that with this wildlife destruction rate, many species might be wiped out before we can discover them.

To prevent this frightful future, WWF has put significant efforts in their new campaign to shut down the biggest animal market in the Mekong. But YOU can also support them, and it is very simple. All you need to do is stopping using any wildlife products and encourage your friends and family to do so.




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