The grand redevelopment of Siam discovery was lead by Tokyo-based architecture and design company, Nendo. The Japanese company founded by Oki Sato took on their biggest project to date as they renovated the Siam Discovery building.
Sato is famous in the design world for his inspiring and evolving design vision and his holistic approach. Continuing this reputation he revamped the 40,000 square metre Siam Discovery building into a state-of-Art shopping centre promising consumers a ‘new way of shopping’.


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Nendo focused on creating a brand new shopping experience rather than attempting to improve on the old one. In a traditional store, products are categorised by brand, in Siam Discovery however consumers are offered a lifestyle experience, the central theme being ‘lifestyle laboratory’. The concept is incorporated throughout the thirteen spaces with different themed laboratories for each space including a ‘digital lab’, a ‘street lab’, a ‘creative lab’ and a ‘play lab’. Laboratory equipment is the general theme throughout incorporating flasks, diagrams, test tubes and beakers, through this concept the interiors of Siam discovery have been transform into a space for creativity and experimentation.
The exterior is designed to be comfortable, warm and welcoming while emphasising the vastness of the building. Beside the glazed curtain walls, Sato explains that in creating the exterior of the Siam discovery he opened up a series of small circular voids in the original mall to create a much larger central atrium. Despite being his biggest project to date, Sato maintains that his concept is not affected by the size of Siam discovery. “It doesn’t make a big difference to me whether I design small packaging for chewing gum or this huge retail store. It’s always about giving small smiles to people in the end … it’s about experience, about inspiration and the chemical reaction.”

Pics by Nendo

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