Tell me about the Red Sea, the Mediterranean sea, and all about the oceans in the world, but in my concern, nothing beats the Indian Ocean for diving.

This time I am alone with my Balinese guide with an unpronounceable name: let’s call him John.

We leave the diving center wearing already our diving suit.

Locals don’t seem to be shocked to see people walking on the road in a diver’s clasp.  As they smile all the time, they don’t appear to be hurt by anything else in fact.



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t’s the type of sincere smiles we would like to see more often on faces in Europe, and here everybody tries to find few words in their best English to be friendly.

I follow John to the beach. Today he wears proudly in his beard and on his hair, pink flowers, a gift from his mother meant to protect him from the evil spirits. Looking at my oxygen bottles, I understand why they were adorned with flowers and smoky incense every morning…

I was expecting a Zodiac with a big engine and ladder to go up, well I am not disappointed!  We boarded on a funny canoe looking like big water spiders. Departure is quiet, and I am nicely sitting on a little bench thinking already how I will be able after diving to come up on board without looking like a beached whale…



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The first dive is not for beginners; a beautiful dive of 35m, but with a lot of currents; It’s what we call in France a TGV dive! If you fancy stopping to see some details, you have no choice, only to hang on the rocks and hope not to meet Fire coral or other wicked stinging things. The sea site is stunning, Gorgones swaying with the current rhythm, a Bumphead Parrotfish curious, a Leopard Moray marauding, and a 3m Barracuda! He passes in front of me with an open mouth, and when he turns back toward me, I feel my last hour coming. Will he see in my guilty eyes, I ate one of his cousins yesterday?

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