How to call today the economic capital of India, Mumbai or Bombay?


Mumbai is since 1995, the official name of the city but everyone does not seem to see it that way. This February, Amor Rajan Editor of The Independent, sparked a controversy in India his native country by telling the BBC, his publication would cease to use the name Mumbai. Bombay, the historical name was officially abolished in 1995 by an extremist party then in power. Originally, the City was an archipelago of seven islands interconnected. Then from 1534 to 1661 it became a Portuguese counter called « The good bay » then “Bom Bahia” and, later on, Bombay. The country became British when Princess Catherine de Bragance married to Charles II and the town became an important industrial and cultural center throughout the centuries.

Bombay symbolizes cosmopolitanism while Mumbai evokes the local extremist party who decided to change the name in 1995. The Position of Amor Rajan was not appreciated at all in India and especially from Shruthijith K.K., the editor of the Huffington Post India, who said: The names of Mumbai has been changed via a democratic process. You may not agree with their politics, but it is a legitimate and a constitutional change and not a Mafia decision imposed by force.” Today, a lot of intellectuals still use Bombay to name this incredible megalopolis. Not long ago, Mihir Joshi, a well-known musician, was in the midst of a controversy for using the word in one of his song. The controversy was triggered after the Censor Board ordered him to delete it …

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