Syrena founded the Singapore first Mermaid School in 2015. This mermaid performer, known as Cara Nicole Neo said she « wanted to create a community where people who shared the same interests could come together.» The « Mermaiding » concept is to practice synchronized swimming dress up with a mermaid tail.The idea is quite simple, but it’s not so easy to become a professional mermaid.



Photo to put in the articleThis discipline requires to have an excellent swimming level and to be able to dive free. This phenomenon is born in America, 70 years ago, in the Weeki Wachee Springs, a theme park in Florida having a daily mermaid show. Since few years, mermaid show extends all over the world, following the example of another mermaid performer as Hannah Fraser. This sport is also man-friendly. The Singapore Mermaid School welcome mermaids and mermen. If you want to make your childhood dream come true and jump in your pool in a mermaid outfit, you can find your tail on the German website  for $200.

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