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During last week, tons of dead fish have been washing up on beaches along Vietnam central coast around Ha Tinh and others several provinces as Quang Bing, Quang Ti, and Thua Thien-Hue.

Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung has instructed relevant authorities to cooperate with international organizations to identify the cause of this disaster.

The Center for Environment and Disease Monitoring in Aquaculture in northern Vietnam ask their inspectors to analyze a sample of the dead fish, fish feed, and water. The result is: environmental factors caused the mass death. However, the specific pollutants responsible for the situation have not been pinpointed yet.

Several people in the coastal area of Ky Anh Town have also experienced the same situation with fish dying already from the April 6.  “A total of 500 kilograms of my fish have died, and I was not able to save any of them,” said a fisherman. Another fisherman lost 4000 of her farm-raised fish.

Several meters of the coastline in this area were also filled with dead bodies of wild fish and overwhelmed with their unpleasant smells, according to the observation of Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper reporters.

Le Phat Quoi, a researcher at the National Resources and Environment Institute of the National University, said that Google Map images show colored water along the Vung Ang coast. Some local people talk about a fisherman dead after diving in the Vung Ang area and animals death after eating fishes. This environmental disaster also has economic consequences and affects the fishing market where most of the fisherman had to stop their activities because nobody wants to buy their fish anymore.


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