MaNon, the new Spa in Saigon you do not want to miss

Spas, that’s life. A wellness bubbles where everyone likes to relax, Spa is the assurance of a moment of release and relaxation, a place to be pampered with massages of all kinds, and beauty treatments. MaNon just inaugurated its second Spa a few months ago in the Journalists streets (District 2) after the opening of a first one in Phu Nhuan.





MaNon Spas make the most of natural and aromatic products. Whether it’s exfoliating, lightening, rejuvenating or firming, they use there only 100% natural ingredients to improve your skin. Clean formulas, and visible results. In the hands of beauticians or masseuse with a very studied gesture, which turns the session into a real pampering experience you will not really know what happened to you but, an hour later, you will not recognize yourself. If you left home in a bad mood, you’ll be next the right candidate to explore the city or take a stroll along the Saigon River.





This new address is up. The cabins are simple but spacious and clean and the beauticians “prodigious”. We’ll focus on body care with a classic ritual The “traditional therapy Massage” of 90 minutes with the aromatic oil of your choice (Lime, lavender, green tea, jasmine) 550000 Vnd ($ 24) witch alternate body sculpting application of warm herbal pouches, massages, pressure, stretching. Another exfoliating, 75 mn moisturizing treatments will brighten or soften your skin, like  the “Ma Non”, (550 000 Vnd / $ 24), an exfoliating beer and rice bran scrub reviving also your skin with vitamin B and other minerals, while the “Dawn”, (690000 Vnd / $ 30) which is an exfoliating treatment made from red ginseng, will restore all its brilliance.





In facial care, we liked the “Rewind”, (550000 Vnd / $ 24) a treatment based on Lingzhi mushroom, royal jelly, melon and soy, a rich antioxidant treatment acting as Anti-aging which reduces also dark circles. Do we need to add that the prices include the service?

This spa already seduces locals who know the path that leads to this address at the edge of the river. Because Yes, today more than a bargain, MaNon is in Saigon an Eden.


MaNon Spa

29 Truc Duong, Thao Dien, Quan 2. HCMC

219 Nguyễn Đình Chính P.11, Q.Phú Nhuận. HCMC




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