From conception to realization of its activities such as industry and agriculture, man needs water. Today most of Rivers, ponds, lakes, and groundwater are polluted and unfit for consumption. ‘The most drinking water is rainwater so, why do not collect it and not waste it? When rainwater flows into the sewers, it becomes a flood. If you collect it, it becomes a resource’ (Makoto Murase). Here are 2 men’s projects from two opposed countries where water remains still a problem. Others projects have emerged since, but those two have the particularity to be simple, to work and being cheap.



Makoto Murase


Makoto Murase, 2002 Rolex Associate Laureate


In Japan, Makato Murase and his team devised a system of gutters equipped with filters and connected to underground reservoirs. In these huge tanks, water, removed of impurities, is stored. The water is clean, not drinkable but can be used to water plants, putting out fires or for toilet needs. The project was tested for the first time on the Ryōgoku Kokugikan, the biggest Sumo stadium in Tokyo and immediately convinced officials. Since the system is used and inserted in all urban construction projects. Each new building realized in Tokyo is obliged to have its own collection system.



Warka water – Every drop counts !




The dispositive Warka Water was imagined by an Italian architect, Arturo Vittori, who found alternative source water to rural population faces challenges in accessing drinkable water.

WW is a vertical structure designed to clean harvest water from the atmosphere (it collects rain, harvests fog and dew) and not only provides a fundamental resource for life, it also aims to creates a social place for the community, where people can gather under the shade of canopy it for education and public meetings. Warka Water is an experimental project. Any financial donation is welcome on Indiegogo

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