For Chinese girls, having a handsome, romantic, talented foreign boyfriend is pretty nice but what if this young man was a spy?

After a series of incidents about love and spying in China, last week the Beijing authorities implemented the National Security Education Day “established after China passed a National Security Law last July outlining greater security efforts in 11 areas, including political, territorial, military, cultural and technological.

In parallel with this National Security Education day, a campaign called “Dangerous Love” took place and warned young Chinese regarding love with foreigners.

Posted in subway stations, streets and residential compounds, 16-panel cartoon warned that romancing handsome strangers can lead to heartbreak and espionage.






The panel cartoons tell the story of an attractive young Chinese civil nicknamed Xiao Li,  who meets a red-headed foreign man called David at a dinner party and starts a relationship. David claims to be a visiting scholar but is, in fact, a spy who seduces the young girl with bouquets of roses, fancy dinners, etc. Xiao Li will transmit to David secret internal documents from her job at the government propaganda office, and they, of course, will be arrested.

Love and spying is a story as old as Methuselah. There are plenty of cases all over the world of men or women using love to get access to certain information.

In 2014, the FBI released a 28-minute short film titled Game of Pawns. Based on the true story of Glenn Duffie Shriver, warming US Citizens studying abroad about inadvertently becoming spies for a foreign government. Shriver, a student, based in Shanghai, was recruited by an attractive Chinese woman into working with Chinese intelligence. Shriver was later sentenced to U.S. federal prison “for attempting to provide national defense information to People’s Republic of Chiana intelligence officers ».


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