The Decree 46/2016 will take place from 1st August 2016, and the number of traffic fines should increase significantly in HCMC.

If you drive a motorbike and use regularly the highway, think again! The punishment for this behavior will be ten times greater. You will have to pay between 2 and 4 million of Vnd instead of the current amount 200,000 Vnd to 400,000 Vnd. If you drive a car and don’t stop at the appropriate place, the price to pay will go from 2 Million to 3 Million Vnd instead of 800 000 Vnd to 1.2 Million Vnd.






Do you usually hang out for a drink with your friends? If yes, then you should think now twice and be aware of what you drink. Base on the new law, car drivers violating the alcohol content will have to pay the double amount, which increases from 2-3 million to 3-5 million, but it is only for the first level. Don’t worry at the level 2 and 3, in addition to the fine, you will be deprived of your driver license for three months as well.

The penalty for motorbike owners is lower but will double depending on your violation level and could go from 1 Million to 7 Million. On the road as in a Club, more you drink, and more you pay!






Finally, for those who enjoy the speed, the punishment will also considerably increase depending on the importance of the violation from 8 to 12 million if your car speed is 35km/h higher to the limit.

So drive carefully, for your own, and other’s safety!

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