God, you’re trapped! The principle of the escape game is elementary: thwarts the riddles to succeed in escaping and saving the world. This can take many forms; and will depend on the game chosen. With LOST you will find a wide range of free escape games with various universes: Nemesis, Level 6, Aokigahara, Exodus, Aladin or Castiglione. You can find yourself lost in a Japanese forest with ‘Aokigahara’, on a boat lost in the middle of a river surrounded by dead people with ‘Nemesis’ or in the House of ‘Castiglion’…






Castiglione – LOST


You will have to be bold, thoughtful and tenacious to overcome riddles and to succeed to escape, and all in less than 45 minutes to take up the challenge. But Hey! Do not be impressed by the gadgets and special effects used as sensors, or laser infrared, because LOST above all guarantee security, help and service. More than a puzzle, escape games allow immersion in a whole new decor. You collaborate, you try to meet up a challenge. But above all, you live a real experience, immersed in a decor and an adventure. It’s nice to have his nose on the screen all day, on the smartphone, tablet, computer, but still, you need to live real experiences with REAL people. On a site of over 3000 m2,  LOST offers to everyone the opportunity to play the best escape games in Ho Chi Minh, Singapore, and even Canada!





For their 2 years anniversary, LOST in collaboration with Bliss Saigon offers until the end of November, for every ticket purchased, one free ticket. When buying tickets, readers must show on their mobile that they are FB friends with LOST and BLISS SAIGON and liked the article.




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