Some biological viruses invade LOST City. More than 90% of the population is contaminated. The government must block the city entirely. You learn that the culprit of this biochemical disaster is a pharmaceutical company. You decide with your team to sneak into the company’s headquarters and investigate. But you’ve been discovered, and you’re all locked up in a small abandoned boat surrounded by the contaminated population. Will you be able to solve a series of puzzles and to escape to prevent the end of the world in 45 minutes? Will you live up to the challenges that await you?These are the stakes of one of the games proposed by LOST.

Whether you choose Nemesis, Level 6, or you find yourself in a Japanese forest with the ‘Aokigahara’ game or even in Israel with ‘Exodus’, in the tales of the Arabian Nights with ‘Aladdin’ or in contact with the Zodiac killer in ‘Castiglione’, LOST always offers you a unique adventure where speed and logic mixed with a team spirit is paramount. While the red-digit from the electronic clock continues its countless countdown, players have to get together to gather clues, to analyze and try to find the solution in 45 minutes.

On a site of more than 3000 m2, players will be impressed by gadgets and special effects, such as electronic devices, sensors, lasers and infrared lights, present to test their intelligence, and their sense of cooperation and observation. But do not be afraid because LOST is above all the practice of the 4S: Security, Safety, Support, Service.





Based in Hong Kong with seven different themed rooms based on real stories, LOST is also established in Canada, Singapore and for our greatest pleasure in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City.

Whether you are with friends, family, or even as part of a seminar, LOST is there to tickle your intelligence and bring to the thrill-seekers of thrill seekers some good boost of adrenaline!

For their 2 years anniversary, LOST in collaboration with Bliss Saigon offers until the end of November, for every ticket purchased, one free ticket. When buying tickets, readers must show on their mobile that they are FB friends with LOST and BLISS SAIGON and liked the article.




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