A new condom with a new flavor is coming out this end of the year in Malaysia meant to bring you a maximum comfort tasting as a chili-infused rice dish: the Nasi lemak usually translated as “fatty rice.” Karex, one of the world’s biggest condom maker, spent six months carrying out tests before coming up with its nasi lemak taste. The Nasi lemak an Indo-Malaysian meal, originally a breakfast eaten by all kids, is prepared from rice in coconut milk served with cucumber slices, dried anchovies, roasted peanuts, sambal, meat and hard-boiled eggs.


Karex, already proposed condom with different texture and flavors such as grape or Durian the pungent tropical fruit but this time they wanted to unite all Malaysian people whatever they political ideas, religion or race around a product common to all: The Nasi lemak. Indeed Malaysia has been beset over the years by tensions between its Muslim Malay majority and its substantial ethnic Chinese and Indian minorities and Karex with this new condom does not only want to do some marketing but also find a way to encourage contraceptive use for the Muslim majority in Malaysia.







Taste of the exotic: ‘fatty rice’ condoms from Malaysia




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