Contemporary dance can be apprehended as an intimidating, even sometimes as an impenetrable cultural pursuit for general audiences who worry they just might not get it. And then there’s Sebastien Ly and the company Kerman. With « Krossing over,» the first edition of an exceptional Art and Dance festival focusing on Contemporary dance but also Literature, Plastic arts, and Culinary art, the France-based choreographer opens up his world to the uninitiated with his dizzying originality, his bold approach to movement, his theatrical sensibility as well as his use of narrative and multimedia elements.





Unexpected performances in unexpected places throughout the city as the festival will take place from the 14th to the 16th April in HCMC, during three days and throughout three districts at the Salon Saigon, Galerie Quynh, Fine arts museum, Inpages & Vinspace, Sweet + Sour bakery, Vocational Ballet school of HCMC. Each performance mixing dance and other arts use the space as a real partner to draw engagement of the audience to explore and to overcome the common frontal view of a show, and create a new kind of relationship with the public.





The Kerman company founded by Sébastien Ly produces performances on stage, but also in situ always with a dialogue between dance and various arts (literature, visual arts, photography, video, music). Led by Sébastien Ly, the Krossing-over Festival is the extension of these crossings on a map of the city, with its inhabitants and the artists who work there. Kerman is the name of a town in Iran precisely halfway between Hué, Vietnam and Saint-Aygulf, France.


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