On my 30th birthday, one month after my marriage, I bought myself a trip to Phuket. It was the best gift ever.



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I decided to stay in a “healing center” called Atsumi  for four days.






This place was well reviewed; the pictures were pretty, and I remembered being touched by the story of a lady from the staff. I felt close to her as she, just like me, was feeling a bit depressed where she was living and doing what she was doing. She was so drained by this unfortunate reality where things just don’t go the way she wanted them to, and tired of not being valued, understood and cared for. This place offered her comfort, peace, and strength for her to make the change she needed. That was what I was after too.




Indeed, what made this trip a turning point in my life is when, in the midst of all my sorrow and despair, I had a glimpse of the feeling of my own self. I saw me, this little scared and lonely girl, from a little distance. I listened to the story I was telling in my head over and over where I, the only protagonist, was the poor victim of this heart-wrenching drama I was writing. I started to become aware of my mind, my thoughts, of the emotions and sensations in my body, arising and vanishing. I was Self-Aware.

The concept of awareness was not so new to me. It’s the ability to be aware, to notice even the tiniest details of things, environment, people, sound, smell, taste and so on. It’s something we are born with, through which we experience the world around us. What’s new is when the camera of such awareness is turned inward, and its focus is on the experiencer, and not the experience.

Being self-aware requires constant practice. The moment you are caught in your thoughts and your emotions, you lose it, but the good news is, it takes the same amount of effort to get it back. It’s like meditation, the more you practice, the better you get.






Speaking from experience, my being aware of this inner world has brought the radical change I was looking for, and the more I observe, the more I learn about my unconscious behaviors and my mysterious mind. Once you can see things as they really are, you can let go of those chains that keep you from living your life to its fullest potential. I believe self-awareness is the skill one should master through one’s life, and here are some of the reasons why:


1 –  It gives you understanding and power for you to take control of your life. Awareness brings understanding, understanding fosters growth, with growth comes power and power give control.
2 –  It changes you from the inside. From this acute understanding, you can access true compassion and bring forgiveness to heal your wounds. When applied to challenges and problem solving, it leads you to tap into your intuition and creativity, making everything possible, including true and lasting change.
3 –  It helps you to live through Joy and has a better life. Once my life coach told me, Joy is an innate feeling of every being; it’s the joy of being alive. When you live from this state, and not from fear, need, and desire, it’s natural to be grateful for still being alive and to appreciate every new moment life brings forward.

Stop replaying your past, stop imagining your future, stop lingering in the where and when and start living in the here and now.






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