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This year Canadian -Vietnamese writer Kim Thuy publishes her fourth novel ‘Vi’ – the story of a young Vietnamese women with a “precious, minuscule and microscopic” name who transformed herself from a modest,self-effacing girl into a talented lawyer and writer.




They describes the book in her own words.“I want to talk about how we learn to live” said Kim Thuy. “It’s not because we’re given a life that we know how to live. My mom kept repeating to me that once you’re born, you have to learn how to stand, walk, drink, how to be a human because we don’t walk the same way if we’re walking toward a temple or going on a catwalk. My story is not autobiographical. That book is not my story. In Vi, I tell the story of many people I have met. Despite their suffering, their immense poverty, their life was full of an extreme beauty”.
Through her unique, engaging style Thuy describes “Vi” a young girl looking for a balance between the Vietnamese culture, rich and powerful and the more liberal, free-thinking environment in Quebec.
Thuy’s first novel: ‘Ru’ won the Governor General’s Award for French-language fiction in 2010. The book was published in English in 2012 and continued to gain public attention, being shortlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prise in 2013 and the First Novel Award in 2013. Thuy followed this success with two more books “A toi” in 2011 and “Man” in 2013. Her latest book ‘Vi” will no doubt be met with great appreciation from her growing following of readers. No English translation is available as yet.
Vi – Kim Thuy, Ed Liana Levi 2016

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