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Have you ever heard of Gentle Monster, the Korean sunglasses brand? If not, then you are falling behind the trend! These edgy sunglasses not only often appear in K-pop or Korean dramas, but are also the choice of many celebrities around the world from Jessica Alba, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid to Miranda Kerr.



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“Shocking the world” is the motto of the company, says Kim Han-kook, the founder, and CEO of Gentle Monster. Within three years of its introduction, the brand has established a strong base in the sunglasses sector with a wide range of unique and limited-breaker sunglasses.





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From the famously understated but elegant look of Love Punch glasses with their razor-thin shape, to the Future Is Past with their luxe gold trim, and then to the unique, flecked framed and mirrored lenses of Luck and Fate, Gentle Monster offers so many incredible options that you are sure to find a perfect fit for your style.
“What we are trying to do is go to the next level. I surveyed a lot of fashion shops in Seoul’s hip districts and thought about why they initially fade away after a few years,” shared Kim. He also said that some flagship stores have remained unchanged for several years due to a huge investment, which prevents them from following market changes.



Pic Gentlemonster


Pic Gentlemonster


Pic Gentlemonster


“Thus, our showcase goes to the next level, adopting the fast space. We redesign the showroom every 15 days,” said Kim.
That may be the reason why Gentle Monster is the favorite brand of many stars!

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