kamasutra-712373Today and since many years, the Indian government promotes conservative laws about homosexuality or pornography. But India was not always like this. The country was far more liberal about sex behavior before the 13th Century. At this time, sex education and practice was imperative to get to a higher state of spirituality. The Kamasutra, the world’s first sex treatise, was written in India between the 4th Century BC and the 2nd Century. Nudity and sex scenes are present in paintings and sculptures like in the Sun Temple at Konark, or Maharashtra’s Buddhist rock-cut monastic cave of Ajanta and Ellora. The best-preserved temple of erotics graphics is in Khajuraho, in central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. These Hindu temples are some of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in India. Their geographical isolation protected them from men.



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Inside, images of gods and goddesses, warriors, musicians, animals, and birds are sculpted in the cave. The scenes show orgies and sometimes a bit of bestiality…For some historian, Chandela kings were following Tantric principles and promoted their faith in the temples they created. Other people thinks that temples were places for learning including the art of lovemaking. In the Hinduism tradition, sex is considered as an essential part of life.







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