If you’ve been on the hunt for a new island spot to escape, you can now add this new island to your list. Indeed, there are few places on earth such as the untouched  Anambas archipelago and Bawah Private Island. Lost in South Asia, this archipelago is composed of 5 pristine islands nestled among three lagoons only 2 hours away from Singapore in the heart of the South Sea between the Malay Peninsula and the Borneo archipelago.

Bawah Private Island is opening this July 2017 and offers a  playground of over 120 hectares, three crystal blue lagoons, 13 powder white beaches, lush jungle canopy for trekking and more importantly a major environmental philosophy with conservation policies. A new confidential address is inviting you to a chic Robinson Crusoe experience.





The island offers 35 villas: 21 beach villas, 11 water villas, and three garden villas. Each one is carefully furnished and has been entirely handmade with local materials such as floating wood, bamboo or recycled coconut shell. Bawah only allows a maximum of 70 guests at any one time, which means you won’t have to deal with rowdy crowds ruining your time of solitude.

The island also offers a club house in the trees with a stunning views of the sea, an exclusive yoga pavilion, a magnificent infinity pool on the beach, a Spa offering treatments based on natural products. Obviously, snorkeling will be the main activity of your days, but no need to practice diving, the simple port of snorkel mask allows you to explore the fishy waters of this small archipelago. On the program, to dive in the lagoon and hikes in the primary forest where you can observe 20 m high trees.





The luxury of Bawah is also the owner commitment to creating an establishment respecting sustainable development and preserving nature. No machine was used to build this paradise. The project took more than five years to develop because all the construction was manual and all areas with no construction were preserved. Bawah Island is committed to protecting flora and fauna of these islands by prohibiting the use of pesticides to protect butterflies and birds, many in number on the archipelago. Bawah is a marine conservation area where fishing is forbidden.  The lagoons surrounding the five islands shelter an exceptional fauna and marine flora and precautions have been put in place to stop any fishers from operating inside the lagoon. Bawah supports local fishers and wants a responsible approach for the good of the environment.





At the last Clean Energy Summit in Asia 2016 (Asian Clean Energy Summit, Singapore 2016), it was announced that the island would host a new pilot project with the REIDS (Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator to supply 90% of the population with renewable energy through new autonomous and clean networks in the future.  These new networks should enable hundreds of islands to be fed in the future in this region of South East Asia. Bawah will pave the way by becoming the first island to be fueled by this new renewable energy technology.





How to get there?

Bawah Island is just two hours from Singapore.  You can get there via a ferry from Singapore to Batam, followed by a private seaplane to Bawah.


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