When I arrived at Ichi cat cafe on a hot sunny afternoon; I instantly fell in love with the place.









Located in a small alley on Tran Quang Khai Street in District 1 HCMC, Ichi cat cafe is known not only as a paradise for cats but also for cat lovers. As the Cat Café existing in Japan, Ichi Cat Cafe is an ideal meeting point for many young people who love animals, especially those who love cute cats. From the elegant sleeping cat on the table to the lovely cat roaming, you feel instantly calm and comfortable in this relaxing world completely apart from the busy streets of HCMC.






The white and elegant room immediately impresses visitors. Right at the entrance, some residents of the house welcome you to this spacious world. The room is entirely white, but when you enter you will feel incredibly cozy and comfortable. Few simple small tables with soft brown pads lie around on the floor making this room a comfortable place to enjoy drinks with your friends.






Here, you don’t just come for coffee. Everywhere in the room, you can see different cats playing and having fun with their toys. The place is specially designed for them, so cats can show up at the most unexpected time and spots: on the roof, on top of the cat home, behind their house, or even under your table. Sometimes cats even jump and curl up on your feet. They are just too cute to be ignored! There are so many different breeds, you would think cats from all around the world are meeting here.






Here is Coon Coon, a Maine Coon cat (American breed) with a big bone structure, rectangular body, and a long fluffy coat. Maine Coons have many shades and are known for their intelligence and gentle personality.






If you meet Kid, you will instantly fall in love with this little ball of fur just like I did! Kid is a cross between Persian and British Longhair, and he took the best of both!







Can you resist to Nikki’s look? I couldn’t! This Scottish Fold cat always looks at you from above in a religious attitude. I am the one who worship her.






In contrast with the cute look of Nikki, Messi, an American Shorthair, has a sporty look and the reputation of having good health, beauty, a quiet personality, and being gentle with children or dogs. Besides that, this cat is also known for its outstanding ability in catching mice!


There is at Ichi Cat Cafe, so many unique ‘noble’ cats to satisfy any cat lovers’ desire. Whatever the breed, they are all incredibly lovely and have very cute nicknames like Nitta, Bi Twins, Trixie, Coon, etc..








Ichi cat Cafe also offers many delicious and appealing drinks and special 3D coffee at very reasonable price.

You pay a small extra charge at the entrance, but it is worth it!

The place usually welcomes foreign guests too, so you also have a great chance to meet people, make friends and learn a new language. Last time I met a lovely lady from Spain and I am already on her friend’s list now!

At the Ichi Cat Cafe, all people have something in common: they love cats. When you are there, you don’t want to leave this irresistible paradise!


Ichi Cat Café: 221/2 Trần Quang Khải, Tân Định, HCMC.

Open time: 10.30 am – 10 pm Monday – Sunday

Contact HERE

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