Designed by the CEO of the Seven Dreamers laboratory, who suffers from snoring, this first intranasal orthosis Nastent has been marketed these last three years in the country of the Rising Sun with great success.




Pics Seven Dreamers Laboratory




It’s a thin silicone tube covered with a lubricating gel. This medical device is slid into the nostril until it reaches the uvula. By a mechanical effect, it keeps the airways open to prevent their obstruction, causing snoring and sleep apnea. The installation may not seem obvious, but it’s usually simpler than you might think, a bit like with contact lenses. A small clip holds the tube to the nostril, and the Japanese experience shows no discomfort or pain. “This device is intended for people with vibration or an obstruction of the passage of air at the level of the veil of the palate, the most frequent case. Therefore, a diagnosis must be made, just as it is important to check the presence or absence of sleep apnea. Also, the length of the tube (8 sizes) must be adapted to his morphology to act correctly on the obstruction. This can be specified by a doctor. A kit with different lengths is also available for self-test. “In the case of simple snoring, which desperate so many people because of the conjugal repercussions, this ingenious device can make your night quieter. With moderate apneas (up to 30 per hour), it is strongly recommended to ensure beforehand its effectiveness by recording the sleep, with the tube in place. Do remember apneas can affect daytime vigilance and cardiovascular health, Once this point verified, Nastent can be very practical for people treated by ventilation equipment, who will no longer have to carry it with them when they travel. And it can be an alternative for those who refuse any machine, dental orthosis or surgery.


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