People always care about their health, especially when Tet holiday is approaching. It’s the time to relax and enjoy yourself, but remember, you will be not able to enjoy anything if you get sick. Follow these tips to keep your health at the peak for this New Year and have a perfect holiday with your family and friends.



Maintain daily habit





During Tet, it is very easy to lose self-control, and tend to ignore some of your daily habits, such as getting up early to do some exercise before going to work. Though you may think to be lazy for few days will do no harm, but the truth is, it is going to affect your health. Instead of staying in bed the whole morning, you should keep your breakfast to maintain daily calories intake, as well as ensuring that you always have enough sleep at night.








Exercise is the key to keeping your wellness in the New Year, so you should not ignore your exercise habits during Tet Holidays. Spend some time in the morning to do some jogging with your friends or relatives and have fun while working out. Additionally, you should avoid watching television for several hours with hands full of snacks, or you will have a hard time to lose weight after Tet. With many delicious family meals during the holiday, exercise will help you digest and will help your body to absorb energy better.



A healthy diet





No Healthy eating is also a major factor that can affect your health, and you surely do not want to have stomach pain for the New Year. If you are a meat lover, you should choose some natural meat such as pork loin, beef or chicken, or duck without skin. And remember to drink about two litters of water a day, it will help you to digest better. Besides you need to add more fruits to your diet, since fruits are sources of vitamins and are very low in calories, so you will feel “full” quicker, which will prevent you from being overloaded by other foods and reduces redundancy energy.



Have a line for alcohol





New Year Day parties, will not be fun without any beer or wine, but you should know your limit and do not drink too much. Besides the danger of potential accidents and losing self-control, alcohol, and tobacco also lead to depression and many stomach issues.



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