If you love to travel, you may be familiar with staying in a hotel and hostel. However, in case the hotel would be too expensive or if you are looking for a bigger place to stay, then renting a flat on Airbnb, the online community marketplace that connects people looking to rent their homes is your best choice. But how find a safe and suitable one?


Just follow these steps and enjoy your trips!

Double check status updates of rooms for rent. If the owner does not update the room status regularly, you should contact him first for the latest update and booking. There’s nothing worse than arriving at the place and get the news: “Sorry, sorry, not available room!”






Did the homeowners often answer customers’ question? If he did not do it, then the “Customer Care” may not be good, as the owners show little interested in having a guest. If you have a lot of questions and the owner did not answer; please pass to someone else!.


Always check the review and what’s others people said. That’s the rule.


Did you receive any confirmation? Watch this carefully; you should always have a proof of your booking and paying in case of problems.






Does the owner show good photos? Any room rental without high-quality pictures is generally not good.






Does the owner offer different options? That is crucial because a lot of apartments on Airbnb are proposed by Property business. It is better to avoid these places as you will suffer from a lack of real communication with the owner.


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