Every event in Ho Chi Minh City asks for a different dress code. You have to adapt your style and be in tune with the evening, and your body has to be enhanced by your clothing. You must dazzle everyone and for that, you should first trust yourself. Here are some tips that will make your job easier.




An evening with friends

Take it easy! Avoid overly elegant dresses and costume for your partner. Choose an outfit in tune with your friend’s style, the place, and the evening theme. Forget shoes with too high heels and mini skirts but don’t be untidy just because they are your friends! Opt for a well-cut dress and avoid too advanced makeup that will flow under the heat throughout the evening.


Romantic dinner

For a meal in a restaurant, the highest part of your anatomy will be watched most. So avoid being too sexy girls! Too much is always too much! Show yourself but with elegance.




Forget a top with a plunging neckline for a first night Ladys, especially if you don’t use to wear it. You will feel uncomfortable, and everybody will see it. Opt instead, for a sexy neckline without excess with a necklace dropping perfectly at the right place or wear a dress with shoulders or back neckline. A healthy skin, a pair of earrings matching your eyes color, a little sexy purse and voila!



Clubbing, Cocktail or Gala


Pic Alexis Mabille Haute Couture


Cocktail and Gala’s evening are the perfect situations for those who like to dress out. First, you have to be in tune with the place. Choose an outfit matching the place’s dress code. Elegance and splendor must be at the Rendez-Vous. Wear a glamorous short dress in silk or taffeta for a cocktail and a long dress for a Gala. For a sophisticated style, opt for black. At night, the black color will enhance your complexion whatever the climate, and will refine your figure. If your dress has glittering effects, wear accessories with the same glitter’s color. Opt for real jewelry and avoid cheap piece. Choose to wear open high heel shoes. Makeup should be enhanced, but discreet, a stylized hairstyle and finally carry a clutch bag, a bag with straps is not for a gala evening.









For a clubbing night, allow yourself all extravagances but avoid accumulating a rowdy neckline, cheap jewelry, and a too short skirt. Too many things will attract people’s eyes, and they will not understand your dress code. Either put forward the upper part of your body or the lower part but never both at once. Choose a dress that shape your body, a trendy skirt and tight top, sexy jeans, high heels, fancy accessories, sustained makeup, cute hairstyle. A classy eccentricity, we love it!


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