How Hollywood Inspired France’s Most Daring Prison Escape







Charismatic gangster Rédoine Faïd has said that Michael Mann’s 1995 film Heat inspired his criminal career—and in 2009, Faïd found the Hollywood filmmaker to tell him so. On last Sunday, 46-year-old French gangster and charismatic criminal Rédoine Faïd pulled off a prison break so bold and extraordinarily executed that even authorities seemed a bit impressed.


France’s Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet called the getaway from the prison in Réau, France, “a spectacular escape.” The operation—completed in under 10 minutes on Sunday morning—involved Faïd’s accomplices kidnapping a helicopter pilot; directing the helicopter to the single prison courtyard unprotected by overheard netting; and launching smoke bombs as a distraction while masked men cut through an armed door with an angle grinder and grabbed Faïd. Belloubet explained that it was “an extremely well-prepared commando that may have used drones to survey the area beforehand.”…  Follow up the entire article on Hands-On.

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