What: Hong Kong International Tatoo Convention 2016

When: 14th – 16 the October

Where: Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Kowloon, HK.

Art always played a significant role in human life and is not always displayed in a gallery or a showroom. There is a type of art you can bring with you anytime and anywhere: the Tattoo. Fan of this amazing art?

So you surely do not want to miss the Hong Kong International Tattoo Convention, the biggest world tattoo event worldwide. This event feature around 120 Tattoo artists from all over the world demonstrating their skills at this three-day event in Hong Kong next week. This event also showcases products like Tattoo Equipment, colors, etc. of the Consumer & Carnivals, Lifestyle & Fashion industries. Some celebrities will show up at the event like David Beckham and LeBron James, as well as the legendary tattooist Gabe Shum, also called Freedom Tattoo Hong Kong, famous not only for his talent in tattoo artworks but also for his ‘Freedom philosophy’. In 2013, the first International Tattoo Convention was a great success and placed since HK on the global Tattoo map. This year, Gabe Shum and Jay Foss Cole, Chief of the Design Studio China Stylus will be there as guests.




‘We want to show to the world that not only gangsters have tattoos, but also people such as doctors and judges. There’s a long tradition in this part of the world. It’s an ancient art form but also an endlessly changing, developing one. I’ve always been interested in tattoos, and wanted to do something that casts them in a more positive light. Those people who are into it are really into it. One of the things I’ve enjoyed most over the past two years is just by looking around at all the people there and thinking: where are all of you normally? There are all these young, innocent-looking kids entirely covered in tattoos. Young people in Hong Kong are looking for culture more and more. It’s just lovely to see all of those people feeling comfortable in that environment,” said in the latest interview Cole better known around Hong Kong as Jay FC.

Do you fancies to be part of this fascinating art world? Get a ticket to Hong Kong and visit the Hong Kong International Tattoo Convention!

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