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On Friday 9th of December 2016, Diabolo Square will thrill at light festival tempo. Asian Hideaways plans a huge photo challenge with attractive awards.
Welcome to the Ho Chi Minh City of Lights photo challenge.
The competition is looking for outstanding images of lights in Saigon, distinctive images of the big city that shows it under a new and bright angle.
The three winning pictures will be published and promoted to sell at the gallery for two months.
Asian Hideaways team will select the 20 most attractive pictures and will push and project them during the evening event.
Public ballot will select the three winners during an evening event at Diabolo Square.
Be creative, have fun and good luck to all competitors.
After reading general rules below, you’ll send your pictures to sylvain@hideawaysgallery.com.
General rules:
Submission: only Ho Chi Minh City pictures will be elected. Send your named pictures only to sylvain@hideawaysgallery.com.
Submission limit: Maximum of three pictures per photographer will be accepted.
Submission deadline: 25th November 2016.
More info HERE

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