These last days, a rumor is in the air: the requirement to wear the tie and suit for Ho Chi Minh City’s civil servants. Indeed a new code for dressing (but not only) has been submitted to the town, to fit its first-class status, and if the government approves it, jeans and t-shirt port could disappear.

The city’s Department of Home Affairs recommended that civil servant wear shirts, pants, skirt at the knees or the traditional Ao Dai, and to ban jeans and T-shirt declared as cowboy suit. By the same way, The city’s Department of Home Affairs would also like to ban to listen to music even with headphones, play, drink alcohol, smoke, and swear during work hours or lunchtime in the office. The new code would even consider some new measures in the workers’ private life as forbid extravagant wedding celebrations, funerals, birthday.

When you live in South Vietnam you think that such an application could never be approved, well, think again as the same code of conduct has just been accepted by the city of Can Tho, not far from Saigon which is classified as one of the five central government metropolises in Vietnam, with Da Nang, Hai Phong, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Only a few months ago, Hanoi also announced the desire to abolish tattoos and even “inappropriate” Colognes for civil servant…

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