Do we still need to claim our love for The Goût du Son’s Mixtapes?

I guess so, as the time to talk again about them has finally come. After publishing the superb Sausalito and a little bit earlier in the year Persistence, Hope, and many others, the collective just released: Parisian and No Roots by Alice Merton. It was impossible to miss them!

First of all, Le Goût du son is a collective of french DJs, Remixers and evening organizer: Pepita, Marco Mulvidson, Nicolas Catania, and Alban Phlz founder of the well known “Bodega” in Saigon. In short, music lovers with a single line of conduct: Taste, truth, timelessness, who tell stories in music, and create magical moments with a melting pot of different musical genres. A French touch enhances the whole, and a specific idea of ​​the musical selection, – Open Format – shows that playing everything is not anything.





The collective just released their two last mixtapes: « Parisien//Guest Mixtape in Co-prod with Frangi,» the first “Guest Mixtape” 100% French with a fantastic collection of beats, rhymes and life et « No Roots,» d’Alice Merton which has been very successful this last weeks, hoisted N° 1 on Spotify rankings in September. Le Goût du Son chose to re-edit this title between African rhythms and electro, unveiling a sober and promising remastered title.




When the evening is getting closer, the sun is going down, and the lights on, where ever you live Le Goût du Son is definitely there, trendy, funky and always furiously sexy.



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