Square buildings on few floors and slim alleys separating construction blocks characterize Ho Chi Minh’s architecture. The width of those alleys is relatively narrow—from two meters to four meters, and normally even less than one meter.

If you walk around them, it’s possible to perceive the vivacious indoor life of Vietnamese people. Usually fences and smoke glass are used for security, privateness, and shading, leading the habitat to look likes cages with darkish structures. Men and women who are living here usually use electrical lighting to whole their day-to-day movements, peculiarly on the ground floor.





Sannuki Daisuke Architects was tasked to design a pleasant and luminous house located in a hem. Preserving privacy and security weren’t a convenient job. The architects decided to introduced large windows and a secluded rooftop garden to bright the indoor areas and help the air to flow and a secluded rooftop garden. Although the construction appears closed from the outside, inside the environment is astonishingly vivid. Steel grilles have been principally designed, with patterns incorporating cubes and flowers remaining Vietnamese local fabrics to protect security and viewing from the outside. The ceiling is high and the result gives spacious spaces. Most of the materials used are coming from the neighborhood.





“The locations of the openings were carefully decided by surrounding condition and future planning of neighborhood,” said the architects. “Housing in the hem is usually considered negatively. However, we carefully observed and transform the condition of it,” to make the life in narrow hem become more and more comfortable.




Pics Sannuki Daisuke Architects


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