Have you ever been in a car race? We are not talking about standard car racing on the road but pure Formula 1 races. And do you know what the best news is? You will not need to go abroad to see it, as Heineken is going to bring it to your door, right in Ho Chi Minh City. Gianluca Di Tondo, senior global brand director of Heineken, revealed in his latest interview that the world-class beer brand is looking for a chance to introduce more Formula 1 races in the Asia-Pacific region, and Vietnam is targeted to be the host of the first Asian Grand Prix shortly.

Recently, Heineken has secured a new partnership with Formula One and will be a major sponsor presence at selected races until 2020. During the launch of the deal in June, Gianluca Di Tondo said his company was attracted to the sport and realized its potential for communicating and interacting with existing and future consumers in important growth markets. When being asked where he would like to see F1 visit next in a recent interview, Di Tondo said to the official F1 website: “That is very simple – it is again in Asia: in Vietnam. We are very present in Vietnam through a local partner, and they were our guests in Monza and were over the moon. So why not have a race in Ho Chi Minh City?”






So where will be located the racetrack? Outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City and in Long An Province, but there are still some works to do before the race track meet the requirement of a top grade FIA circuit. The project was first created in 2010, and the race track was planned to be built in the north of Ho Chi Minh City, but plans never came to fruition. In another event, Heineken is also intrigued to see what changes the recent takeover by Liberty Media has on Formula One and eagerly awaits to understand the US company’s plans to improve the sport. “We want to understand how things are going to move, and we are having conversations right now with Bernie to see how the situation is going to change if there is a change in ownership,” Di Tondo said on formula1.com. “The fact that a media company is joining F1 is an excellent news. Never forget, we are talking about show business – the entertainment business at its best!”

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