Our internal temperature is around 37°, and we get too hot when the mercury exceeds 25°. All the body’s functions, including digestion, create heat within the body. When we eat, heat generated by digestion takes 10 to 18hours to dissipate. Our body fights to keep the right temperature, and some of the consequences are a loss of appetite and tiredness.



Drink, drink, and drink!





In hot weather, your body is close to dehydration, and this can have an effect on your metabolism. Sweating is an excessive loss of water, minerals and vitamins. The loss of vitamins and minerals can contribute to chemical imbalances and can suppress appetite too. In a course of an average day, sweating and breathing together take more than 10 cups of water out of your body. Drink at least 12 glasses of water a day and avoid alcoholic beverages or high caffeine (coffee, tea, cola) as they have a diuretic effect and will provoke an excessive loss of water. If you replace that you’ve lost, you may never become dehydrated!

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