With his modern and crazy buildings, designer boutiques, traditional but also modern, Tokyo cultivates his art of living. An inspiring lifestyle for those who love a subtle mix of tradition and modernity. Just few hours from Vietnam, the City has all the arguments to seduce you for a long weekend. The opportunity for Bliss to unveiled its Must-do-list in the Japanese capital.



Picnic under the cherry blossoms



With his 58 hectares, and 20 000 trees, Shinjuku Gyoen is one of the famous parks of Tokyo. Its 1,500 cherry trees offers remarkable flowering in early spring. The park is a meeting point where people practices the « Hanami » the picnics under the cherry blossoms.



Breakfast or lunch at Tsukiji



Tsukiji market in Tokyo Bay is the largest fish market in the world with the famous international Tuna auction. It’s open to the public, but you need to get up early and be there at 4.30h in the morning to buy your ticket. Outside the market you can find many restaurants offering « Omakase », usually 8 pieces of Sushi, the Donburi bowl of rice topped with seasonal Sashimi or raw fish but also more traditional dishes such as Okonomiyaki a kind of pancake with vegetables, meat or seafood with noodle etc. Two of the Most Famous restaurant in Sushi and Sashimi there: Daiwa Sushi, and Sushi Dai.



Shop in Omotesando



The Japan Mecca! Initially, a road leading to the Meiji shrine, the Avenue has now become the “Champs Elysées” of Tokyo and host many famous buildings and shops built by the best architects in the world.


Get some fantaisy in Harajuku



A short train ride from Shinjuku Station, Harajuku neighborhood has become a Must see in the Tokoït culture. There you will find teenagers and adults dressed in the most exuberant styles. That’s the place to be for the cosplay fans (Manga) and the Visual Kei (gothic).


See an Art exhibition at SCAI The Bathhouse



Located on the East side of Tokyo, the SCAI The Bathhouse is one of the City’s Most prestigious Contemporary Art Gallery. Introducing Japan’s exceptional artist from the Post-war Avant-garde up to the present day, the 200-year old form bathhouse has been renovated as a modern Artspace, but you can still see some old details such as the wooden looker there.


Have a golden slice of Old Tokyo



Golden-gai is made of 6 connected narrow streets hosting more than 200 tiny bars large as matchboxes (10m2) with a 50s atmosphere, who can only welcome 5 or 6 guests. There are the meeting point for intellectuals, filmmakers, writers, and musicians. Golden Gai is unique in Tokio. Changes of scene guaranty!


Relax in a Super Sento



Living in Tokyo is stressful. One of the most popular ways to relax there is going to the Sento or public bath. After taking off your clothes, you wash very carefully (sit), in Japan you never washes up and then you relax naked in a hot tub with friends. Forget your taboos you are in Japan! Most Sentos include a sauna, outdoor baths, baths on the roof and occasionally bubble baths or other types of baths filled with tea or red wine instead of water. Here time stops, and you can spend hours without even realizing it.


Have a dinner with a geisha



Did you ever dream about meeting a Geisha? In Tokyo, very few building survived to the earthquakes and the bombing of the last 80 years, and you will find the ones who did in Asakusa. Here the atmosphere is all about pre-war, and you find yourself very quickly in another time zone. There you can meet Geishas, and see them performing dance and music in kimono and traditional white make-up.



Have a drink at Jicoo floating bar



Few nights a week, the futuristic cruise-boat Jicco, designed by the Manga designer Leiji Matsumoto, cruise around the Tokyo Bay. The ship shuttles back and forth between Hinode Pier and Odaiba every half an hour. A lovely way to enjoy the panoramic skyline and have a drink in a relaxed atmosphere. 


Love Hotel



In Japan, rent a room for few hours in a hotel is very common. The practical side wins! It is not unusual to see married couples going there to enjoy themselves. Couples often live with parents and children in small apartments, so they sometimes need to have privacy. Rooms reflect Japanese fantasies and the decoration goes from the hospital room, church or train through pirate ship or the medieval castle. Some hotels even offer a costume catalog you can rent, to feel more in the mood.



Capsule hotel



The Capsule hotel is not made for claustrophobic people. That is one of the most typical Japanese experience. The concept is born in Osaka in 1979 and since is very successful in Japan. Generally used by people who went out for a drink and have missed the last train, busisness men or anyone looking for a convenient and inexpensive accommodation. Most are open only to men, but you can find some open to women. The capsules are more comfortable than you might imagine: there is enough space to sit, and they are long enough for most of us. There is a TV on the ceiling, an alarm clock and a lamp for reading. Most of the time you find in the hotel a lounge with TV, internet, as well as food and beverages distributors, huge bathroom and sometimes even a small restaurant or a bar. The bathroom is often collective and includes a sauna. That’s an experience you will never forget!




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