Who: Khoa Le

Where: Craig Thomas Gallery, 165 Calmette Street, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1

Ho Chi Minh City

When: 24 June – 20 July 2016



1st page happy ever after - cover 1



The solo exhibition of mixed media painting by Saigon-based artist Khoa Le is now taking place at Craig Thomas Gallery in HCMC.

The central theme of “ Happy Never After” series is about a fantastical fairy tale world illustrated by various painting and each of them is a unique world.



Khoa Le_Plastic_Nhua_Mixed media



Khoa Le is an illustrator and an author of many children’s picture books. Her inspiration for this series came from the beauty of the literary-art in fairy tales.  But as an artist, she is showing these fairy tales from a different perspective: “An adult story retold in a different way to make children more joyful. There is not only romance and flying fairies there, but also woes, pain, loneliness, and struggles of the maturation process” said Khoa Le.



1st page happy ever after - cover 2



Her paintings are not traditional paintings but made by digital work. She uses her impressive ability to create her own material by experimenting different types of content to find the most suitable textures and patterns for each painting.



Khoa Le _Lost_Lac_2016_Mixed media_50 x 60 cm

After that, the drawing process takes place on a computer; the pictures are then printed in monoprint and mounted on canvas.  Finally, pictures are coated with a layer of resin ensuring a waterproof effect and keeping the vivid colors.

The ideas exhibition came from the fairy tales and was influenced by her favorite creators as Charles Perrault, the Brother’s Grimm, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, and some writers and philosophers as Jean-Paul Sartre, and Haruki Murakami.




Khoa Le’s paintings are also influenced by some dark elements as well, as her art do not focus on exterior flash around people but darkest thoughts and secrets inside. “They are a part of what makes us human, have beautiful aspects and have their value which should be respected,” Khoa Le said. The humor also present makes Koa Le’s painting readable on different levels and leaves the audience to his interpretations.



Khoa Le_ Memory_Ky Uc_ 2016_Canvas print, resin coated, 100 x 75 cm-1



“Enjoy the paintings and find in them your fairy tale!” is her message for all viewers and collectors.

Khoa Le is not only a great illustrator and an author of short stories and picture books for children, but is also definitively a talented young visual artist.








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