By by tradition, hello modernity! Would say certain people in Vietnam, but what’s more beautiful, sensual and at time provocative than the nude Art?

Yesterday Hao Nhien exhibition featuring 50 nudes in black and white artistic photos has opened his doors at the Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art Association in District 1 for four days from September 15 to 18. There the artist presents the first independent nude photography exhibition with an official license given by the City authorities and that not nothing as nudity was never  banned in Vietnam but was never encouraged. Many popular nude art photographers as Tran Huy Hoan, Duong Quoc Dinh, Le Quang Chau, and Thai Phien, never managed to obtain a permit to exhibit or publish and In many photo exhibitions, a limited number of nude works always occupied a modest space. Last year cultural authorities even issued a rule banning models and winners of beauty contest from taking nude photos and publishing them online but revoked the law several weeks later after receiving strong opposition from many critics.





The Nude Art, One of the art’s oldest subjects – and often its most controversial


In the traditional Oriental values, Vietnamese people have tended to evaluate the beauty of women through their character, not appearance, and consider Eve naked an unsuitable image.Today in 2018 in Vietnam, the nude art is still a new form of art for the Vietnamese, often seen as an anti art and the criteria for nude photos include the work exhibiting high aesthetic values, and no images of sexual organs. To take nude pictures and bring them to the public always asked the artist to face a lot of significant obstacles and social prejudice.Vietnam’s nude photography was born illegitimate and is still waiting to be officially recognized and treated the same way as other forms of arts. Vietnamese photographers devotion, their recent success in international photography areas, the increasing public acceptance of nude photography in Vietnam as well as the encouragement of the government will, with no doubt, amplifying the art’s development in Vietnam.


Hao Nhien exhibition – 15-18 September 2017 – Ho Chi Minh City

Fine Art Association – HCMC – 218 A Pasteur Street – HCMC



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