Food hygiene and food safety have always been the concern of Vietnamese since years, especially when the Lunar New Year is coming. Following instructions of the Prime Minister’s in managing food safety and tightening food inspection process, People’s Committee of Ha Noi has announced more strictly policies on this issue.

To accurately assess the current food safety issue in Hanoi, the inspection team was divided into four groups; each group was responsible for about 6-8 food local points (including supermarkets, market, slaughterhouses, street food and others) to make sure the team could cover the whole city. However, this was not an easy task. Currently, the city has more than 350,000 cattle farms and poultry farms, but the majority of them are small initiative, and that make it more challenging in managing and monitoring the use of antibiotics or banned substances and chemicals. On top of that, the lack of management in the small food retails shops is also the primary cause of unhygienic food and environment pollution.


To tackle this problem, Hanoi is determined to build four slaughter centers in the city. All butchers will have to register and move to these centers to continue their business, and no private slaughterhouse will be allowed outside those four centers.

Regarding the quality control of vegetables and fruits in the city, the consumption is not yet under control. According to the Minister of Health, they can not eliminate the small structures in rural areas especially those who respected the standards production, distribution, marketing, and brand communication but inspections, sanctions, and education will get strengthen to encourage the people to ensure food safety standards try this web-site.

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